Mysterious and Magnificent: List of Top 10  New Deep-Sea Wonders from  New Zealand

15th March, 2024


This see-through marvel looks like a living crystal ball. How it survives the crushing pressure of the deep sea is a mystery.

The "Glass Orb"

The "Starry-Eyed Shrimp"

This shrimp's giant eyes help it gather every tiny bit of light in the darkness. They look almost alien!

The "Pom-Pom Crab"

This fluffy crab's claws aren't for fighting. Scientists think the 'pom-poms' might be bacteria colonies that the crab eats.

The "Living Pinecone"

The purpose of this creature's unusual armor is still unknown. Could it be for defense or some other strange purpose?

The "Pancake Worm"

This flattened worm scoots along the seabed like a living pancake. It's a reminder that the deep sea has its sense of humor.

The "Sea Spider with Stilts"

This lanky creature could enter a sci-fi movie from the ocean. Its long legs may help it sense prey in the darkness.

The "Frilly Fish"

Is it for attracting a mate or for camouflage? This fish's oversized fins transform it into a living deep-sea art.

The "Rainbow Jelly"

This dazzling jellyfish puts a private light show in the depths. Its colors might be bioluminescence for prey attraction or communication.

The "Spiny Sea Cucumber"

Most sea cucumbers are soft, but this one is built for defense. Those spikes give it a surprisingly punk-rock look.

The "Dragon Worm"

This worm brings mythical creatures to mind with its segmented body and wispy head. It's a reminder that the ocean has its fantastical beasts.

The "Mystery Blob"

Some creatures defy easy description. This blob-like enigma might be a new type of sea sponge or something weirder – only time will tell!

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