Beyond the Great Wall of China:  7 Fortified Wonders Worldwide

5th April, 2024


Location: Stretches across Northern China. Why It's Great: The most extensive human-made structure symbolizes might and engineering.

1: The Great Wall of China

Location: Northern England. Why It's Great: Built by the Romans, it marked the limit of their vast empire in Britain.

2: Hadrian's Wall

Location: Outside of Cusco, Peru. Why It's Great: An impressive Inca fortress with immense interlocking stones. 

3: Sacsayhuamán

Location: Rajasthan, India. Why It's Great: A massive Rajput fort with over 35km of walls, known as India's 'Great Wall' 

4: Kumbhalgarh Fort

Location: Croatia. Why It's Great: Protects a beautiful coastal city nicknamed the 'Pearl of the Adriatic.' 

5: Walls of Dubrovnik

Location: Formerly divided Germany. Why It's Great: Its fall symbolized unity and hope, though tragically built for separation. 

6: The Berlin Wall

Location: Zimbabwe, Africa. Why It's Great: Impressive enclosure of an ancient African city showcasing mastery of stonework.

7: The Great Zimbabwe Ruins

Each wall tells a story – of defense, empire, division, or ingenuity. More great walls may yet exist!