Look Beyond the Stripes: 8 Lesser-Known Zebra Facts

1st May, 2024


Zebras have black skin under their stripes. The stripes are a unique pattern of hair.

1: Underneath It All...

Each zebra's stripe pattern is like a human fingerprint – no two are identical.

2: Unique Stripes!

Scientists theorize that stripes might confuse biting flies, offering a natural defense.

3: Bug Repellant?

A zebra's kick can be powerful enough to deter predators, even lions!

4: Kick with Power

Zebras are social and live in herds, providing protection and support for each other.

5: Social Butterflies

Zebras spend much time grazing on grasses, leaves, and tough vegetation.

6: Grazers

Zebras need to drink regularly so they stay near reliable water sources in their habitat.

7: Thirst Quenchers

There are 3 zebra species: Plains, Mountain, and Grevy's, each with distinct features.

8: Several Species