Lost World Alive:

66-Million-Year-Old Tree Returns from Extinction

1st March, 2024


Wollemi Pines thought extinct for millions of years, were rediscovered in Australia in 1994. ●  Scientists are planting them in secret locations as part of a groundbreaking conservation effort. 

What is a Wollemi Pine?

● Wollemi Pines (Wollemia nobilis) are incredibly rare conifers. ●  Their lineage dates back to the Jurassic Period, earning the nickname "dinosaur trees." ●  They were believed to be extinct until a small stand was discovered in a remote Australian canyon.

Why the Secret Plantings?

Wollemi Pines remain critically endangered with a tiny wild population. ●  Disease and bushfires pose significant threats to their survival. ●  Creating secret, geographically diverse populations is vital to safeguarding their future.

The Challenges of Conservation

Wollemi Pines are incredibly sensitive to environmental changes.  Scientists must carefully select sites that mimic their original habitat. ●  Locations are kept secret to protect them from disturbance and potential poaching.

A Long-Term Mission

It could take centuries for these planted populations to become self-sustaining.  Ongoing monitoring and protection will be crucial.  This project exemplifies the lengths conservationists go to save scarce species.

Hope for the Future

The Wollemi Pine's story is one of both resilience and fragility. ●  This conservation effort offers a glimmer of hope that these ancient trees may survive long into the future.