Love Can Be Deadly: 8 Animals Where Mates Become Meals

30th April, 2024


The iconic mantis! Females often devour males after, or even during, mating.

1: Praying Mantis

This notorious spider's name isn't deceiving. Females sometimes eat males after mating.

2: Black Widow Spider

Not all romance is equal! Male jumping spiders must impress the female with their dance, or risk becoming a snack.

3: Jumping Spider

The male scorpionfly offers a 'nuptial gift' to the female - a dead insect! Sometimes, he becomes the meal instead.

4: Scorpionfly

Mating can be risky! In some octopus species, the smaller male becomes a meal for the larger female.

5: Octopus

Some sea slugs are hermaphrodites, having both male and female sex organs. Mating can involve one 'eating' the other's reproductive parts.

6: Sea Slug

This giant snake is known for its constricting power. Mates are not always immune - females may devour smaller males.

7: Green Anaconda

In a reversal of roles, the male sagebrush cricket offers himself as a post-mating meal to the female, providing her with nutrients for her eggs.

8: Sagebrush Cricket