Magical Mushrooms: 6 North American Fungi That Light Up the Night

10th April, 2024


Forget fireflies! Discover the fascinating mushrooms that create their ethereal glow.

Widespread in decaying wood and roots, giving off a greenish glow.

1: Foxfire (Armillaria species)

Common on dead hardwoods, gills emit a bright, ghostly glow.

2: Bitter Oyster (Panellus stipticus)

Found at the base of trees, the whole mushroom faintly glows. Caution: poisonous! 

3: Ghost Fungus (Omphalotus olearius)

Rare species, only found in a few US states, stem glows.

4: Filoboletus Manipularis

Found in tropical areas like the southern US, tiny mushrooms with glowing caps.

5: Mycena lucentipes

Bioluminescence attracts insects, aiding in spore dispersal, but the full science is still a mystery.

Why Do They Glow?

Search for these fantastical fungi after dark for an enchanting glimpse of nature's magic.