Meet the Barrel Jellyfish: Not Your Average Jelly

8th April, 2024


Forget stinging tentacles! This ocean giant is surprisingly gentle and an oddball.

Barrel jellies can grow up to 3 feet wide and weigh hundreds of pounds – true sea behemoths.

It's HUGE!

They lack long, stinging tentacles. Instead, they have eight frilly arms for snagging food.

More Mouth than Sting

Small fish, plankton, and other tiny creatures make up their diet. Think of them as underwater vacuum cleaners.

What's on the Menu?

They're found in oceans worldwide, from chilly Arctic waters to the Mediterranean's warmth.

Where in the World?

Smaller fish sometimes use these jellies as shelter, swimming safely among their arms for protection.

Helpful Hitchhikers

These jellies help keep populations of small organisms in check, playing an important ecological role.

Important Ocean Dwellers

The ocean is full of surprises, proving even the largest creatures can be surprisingly gentle.