Meet the Doodlebug: Tiny Predator, Giant Tracks

1st April, 2024


Ever seen those strange squiggles in the sand? They're the work of a fascinating little creature.

Doodlebugs aren't bugs at all! They're the larva of antlions, fierce predators with pincer-like jaws.

Doodlebugs make cone-shaped pits in the sand, waiting at the bottom to ambush prey.

When an ant or other insect falls in, the doodlebug flings sand to trap it and pulls it in.

After a time, the doodlebug builds a cocoon and transforms into a beautiful, winged antlion.

Sandy beaches, dunes, and even under eaves are great places to spot doodlebug tracks.

A doodlebug's pit might be small, but it's a clever trap, showing how powerful even the little guys can be.

Remember the tiny architect behind the masterpiece! Nature's wonders are all around us.