Megatsunami Alert: The Hidden Threat Lurking Off California's Coast

17th April, 2024


New research reveals the danger of these monster waves that could dwarf anything in recent history.

Not your average tsunami! Caused by landslides, not earthquakes, making prediction hard.

What's a Megatsunami?

The coastline's steep slopes and history of landslides make it vulnerable to megatsunamis.

California's Risk Zone

Models suggest waves hundreds of feet high, flooding further inland than most tsunamis.

How BIG Could It Go?

Evidence suggests a megatsunami struck the Big Sur area 3,000 years ago – it could happen again.

A Prehistoric Disaster

Coastal cities, ports, infrastructure... a megatsunami would be a statewide catastrophe.

Impact on California

Rapid sea level drop, loud cracking noises, or an earthquake followed by unusually long shaking COULD indicate a landslide.

Warning Signs

Awareness and evacuation plans are crucial. If there's a warning, seek high ground immediately.

Prepare, Don't Panic