Melbourne's Freaky Florals: 8 Beautifully Bizarre Flowers

10th April, 2024


Looks exactly like a duck in flight! Tiny but mighty in its mimicry.

1: Flying Duck Orchid

A whole family of odd shapes – helmet-like, some with long tails, insect lures inside!

2: Greenhood Orchids

They're not just flytraps! Melbourne's species have colorful, lidded pitchers.

3: Pitcher Plants

Sensitive blooms only open fully on hot days, revealing intricate details.

4: Sun Orchids

Grows on bare rock faces, flowering after bushfires, a resilient beauty.

5: Pink Rock Lily

Touch the 'trigger,' and its flower explodes, scattering seeds!

6: Grass Triggerplant

The shiny, purple flower looks like it's coated in lip gloss, a unique stunner.

7: Wax Lip Orchid

So many species! Long petals, hairy textures, and strange shapes galore.

8: Spider Orchids

Where to Find Them: Parks, reserves, even roadsides! Explore and be surprised by Melbourne's botanical oddities.