Deep Sea Surprise: Millions of Mystery Eggs Found on Volcanic Summit

6th April, 2024


During an underwater expedition, scientists stumbled upon a unique discovery on an ancient volcano.

Location: Northeast Pacific Ocean, near Haida Gwaii, an archipelago off the coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Expedition: 2022 mission by Ocean Exploration Trust aboard research vessel E/V Nautilus.

The Eggs: Millions of small, white eggs coated the volcanic summit in a dazzling, unexpected carpet.

Whose Are They? Though initially a mystery, experts now believe the eggs likely belong to a type of skate.

Why Here? The volcano's hydrothermal vents might create an ideal nursery for these unique fish.

Protected Sanctuary: The eggs were found within a newly designated marine protected area.

Unusual Ecosystem: This discovery highlights the strange and diverse lifeforms within deep-sea volcanic environments.