Mystery of the 17-Year Cicada: Why Do They Vanish So Long?

11th April, 2024


Get ready to solve the buzzing riddle of these bizarre insects that appear in swarms then vanish!

After eggs hatch, baby cicadas burrow underground and feed on tree roots – for years!

Underground Life

At the same time, entire groups, called broods, emerge as adults. It's a numbers game!

Synchronized Emergence

Theory 1: Confuses predators! So many cicadas appearing at once means most survive to breed.

Why 17 Years?

Theory 2: It's a prime number! Less chance of syncing cycles with shorter-lived predator booms.

Why 17 Years?

Emerging cicadas find mates, using their loud buzzing songs to attract one another.

A Noisy Summer

Adult cicadas live a few weeks max! They mate, lay eggs, and the cycle starts again.

Life is Short (Above Ground)