NASA's Dragonfly Prepares for a Journey to Saturn's Moon Titan

28th April, 2024


This one's a rotorcraft! Like a car-sized drone built to take flight on Titan. (Source: NASA)

Meet Dragonfly

Thick atmosphere, methane lakes...could Titan hold clues to how life began? (Source: NASA)

Why Titan?

Dragonfly will sample Titan's surface, search for complex chemicals, and investigate possible habitable zones. (Source: NASA)

Mission Goals

The launch is set for 2028, meaning arrival around 2034 due to the distance! (Source: NASA)

The Launch

Dragonflies will hop between sites, covering more ground than a rover ever could. (Source: NASA)

Flight on Titan

Scientists hope to find prebiotic chemistry – could Titan reveal the life path? (Source: NASA)

Searching for Life's Building Blocks

Data from Dragonfly will reach Earth well into the 2030s. (Source: NASA)

A Long Wait, Big Discoveries