Nature's Paintbrush: The Magical Rainbow Eucalyptus

26th April, 2024


Get ready to discover a tree that transforms the forest into an explosion of color.

The bark sheds in patches, revealing a rainbow of hues: green, orange, red, purple...

Why "Rainbow"?

The colors shift as bark ages and sheds, creating an ever-changing canvas.

Always Changing

Native to Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines, Indonesia, and New Guinea.

Where Does This Wonder Grow?

The Rainbow Eucalyptus is an important source of pulpwood for paper-making.

Not Just For Looks

These trees are now cultivated in warmer climates worldwide for their unique beauty.

Growing Popularity

Their vibrant trunks create a sense of wonder and a touch of the fantastical.

A Tree Like No Other

Rainbow Eucalyptus need ample heat and humidity, making them difficult for most home gardens.

Sadly, Not For Your Backyard...