Nightmare of the Ancient Seas: Meet the Giant 'Dagger-Tooth'  Sea Lizard

5th March, 2024


 Forget dinosaurs! A newly discovered species of giant sea lizard has emerged from the fossil record, offering a glimpse into a terrifying underwater world that existed millions of years ago.

A Terrifying Titan: New Mosasaur Species Unearthed

● Paleontologists discover fossils of a previously unknown mosasaur, a giant marine lizard from the dinosaur era. ● This new species, Khinjaria acuta, would have been a top predator about 66 million years ago. 

Dagger-Fanged Menace of the Seas

● The creature's name means "dagger" due to its long, incredibly sharp teeth. ● Its powerful jaws and streamlined body suggest it was a fearsome hunter ● This new mosasaur could grow to the size of a modern orca (killer whale).

A Lost World: Morocco's Fossil Hotspot

● The Khinjaria acuta fossils were discovered in Morocco, which is known for its rich prehistoric deposits. ● This region was once a seabed teeming with diverse and bizarre marine life.

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Waves

● Mosasaurs were the apex predators of the late Cretaceous seas, just before the mass extinction that wiped out the dinosaurs. ● These giant lizards shared the oceans with dinosaurs, sharks, and other now-extinct creatures.

Mysteries of the Mosasaurs

● Scientists are still piecing together how these colossal sea lizards lived and hunted. ● This discovery adds another fascinating creature to the already bizarre world of the mosasaurs.