6 Haunted Lakes of North America

2nd April, 2024


North America's lakes hold more than just fish. Dive into the legends and lore of these spooky spots known for paranormal activity!*

Specialty: Ghost Ships & Lost Souls Sailors report ghostly apparitions and mysterious lights, some attributing them to lost ships and crews. 

Lake Superior, USA & Canada

Specialty: Drowned Town & Revenge Spirit A supposedly flooded town haunts the lake, with some believing a vengeful Native American spirit is to blame. 

Lake Lanier, Georgia, USA

Specialty: Monster Mania (Lake Monster) Local legend whispers of a serpentine creature lurking in the depths, nicknamed "Ronkonkoma Ripper." 

Lake Ronkonkoma, New York, USA

Specialty: Lady of the Lake & Lost Love The spirit of a woman searching for her lost love is said to linger on the lake, her cries echoing in the night. 

Gardner Lake, Connecticut, USA

Specialty: Lady in the White & Traffic Tragedies The apparition of a woman in white is said to appear near the lake, with sightings coinciding with car accidents. 

White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas, USA

Specialty: Voodoo Spirits & Swamp Lights Whispers of voodoo rituals and restless spirits fill the air, with unexplained lights flickering in the swamp. 

Manchac Swamp, Louisiana, USA (Lake Pontchartrain connected)

Be it folklore or fact, these lakes have captured imaginations for centuries. Are you brave enough to visit?*