Ocean Crisis: Thousands of Dead Creatures Wash Ashore

29th March, 2024


Beaches along the US West Coast are littered with a heartbreaking sight – countless dead sea creatures.

Location: The phenomenon stretches from California's Monterey Bay to Washington state.

Who's Affected: Tiny blue jellyfish-like creatures called Velella velella are washing up in massive numbers.

Unusual Sight: While strandings are normal, scientists are alarmed by the sheer volume.

Why Now? Possible causes include extreme weather patterns or changes in ocean currents.

Unique Creatures: Velella are nicknamed "by-the-wind-sailors" due to the small sails that help them drift.

Ecosystem Warning: This die-off highlights the fragility of ocean ecosystems and the potential impacts of climate change.

Scientists are urgently investigating to understand this mass mortality event.