Ocean's Masters of Disguise: 8 Cool Octopus Facts

27th April, 2024


Get ready to be amazed by these squishy, smart, and surprising cephalopods!

Those arms do more than grasp! They also taste and think. Plus, three hearts pump blue blood.

1: 8 Arms... and 3 Hearts

Octopuses can squeeze their bodies through impossibly small openings – only their beak limits them.

2: Shape-Shifters

They change their skin color and texture in seconds to match their surroundings.

3: Masters of Camouflage

When threatened, they squirt ink to confuse predators, allowing them to slip away.

4: Ink Escape Artists

They solve puzzles, use tools, and some even recognize individual humans.

5: Brainiacs of the Deep

Most octopus species have short lifespans, only a few years on average.

6: Short Lives

Up to two-thirds of an octopus's neurons are in its arms, each one making some independent decisions.

7: Arms Have Minds of Their Own

The tiny Blue-Ringed Octopus packs a punch – their venom is deadly to humans!

8: Venomous Beauties