Orion Unveiled: NASA Shares Breathtaking New Images of the Hunter

10th April, 2024


NASA focuses on Orion's three-star belt, revealing swirling nebulas and hidden stars.

1: Orion's Blazing Belt

A deep dive into the nebula, showcasing a stellar nursery filled with cosmic dust and young stars.

2: The Orion Nebula Unveiled

Zooming in on the red supergiant star, with hints of its turbulent atmosphere.

3: Betelgeuse, Up Close

Focusing on Orion's other bright star, its blue supergiant status in stunning detail.

4: Rigel's Blue Glow

Unveiling the secrets of the 'sword' hanging from Orion's belt, a mix of nebulas and star clusters.

5: The Sword of Orion

An infrared view of Orion, piercing through dust to reveal hidden stars and structures.

6: Infrared Exploration

NASA's telescopes are pushing the boundaries of cosmic photography, giving us an ever-clearer view of our stunning universe.