Pompeii: The City Frozen in Time Keeps Giving Up Secrets

30th March, 2024


Buried by volcanic fury in 79 AD, Pompeii offers a window into the ancient Roman world. Discoveries continue to astound.

Perfectly Preserved Homes: Excavations reveal homes with intact frescoes, mosaics, and everyday objects.

Bodies Cast in Ash: Plaster casts of victims capture their final moments, adding a haunting dimension.

Food Tells the Story: Carbonized bread, preserved fruits, and remains of shops offer delicious clues to daily life.

Ancient Graffiti: Walls bear political slogans, everyday grumbles, even love poems.

Not Just the Elite: Discoveries go beyond the wealthy, revealing the lives of ordinary people and even enslaved individuals.

Advanced Technology: Drones, 3D scanners, and CT scans uncover details hidden for centuries.

Pompeii's story still needs to be fully told. Will it ever be? The city's secrets remain as compelling as ever.