Portugal's "Blue Dragon River" A Photographer's Masterpiece 

7th March, 2024


● Located in southern Portugal, the Odeleite River is a tributary of the larger Guadiana River. ● Its winding course through the hills and valleys of the Algarve region is a sight to behold.

Meet the Odeleite River

The Man Behind the Photo

● British photographer Steve Richards captured the iconic aerial shots that earned this river its nickname. ● His striking images emphasized the river's serpentine shape and vibrant blue waters.

Why the "Blue Dragon" Moniker?

● The river's deep blue color contrasts beautifully with the surrounding landscape. ● Its winding, snake-like shape evokes the image of a mythical dragon soaring across the land.

Beyond Beauty –  The Odeleite Dam 

● The Odeleite River isn't just a pretty picture – it serves a practical purpose. ● The Odeleite Dam forms a reservoir that supplies water and generates hydroelectric power for the region.

An Outdoor Playground

● The Odeleite Reservoir is a popular destination for boating, fishing, and swimming. ● Its shores boast hiking and biking trails offering stunning views of the river and its surroundings.

A Symbol of Portuguese Charm

● The "Blue Dragon River" reflects Portugal's unique beauty and character. ● Its blend of natural splendor and human ingenuity makes it a true gem.

Experience It Yourself (If You Can!)

● While Steve Richards' photos make it famous, the Odeleite River is best experienced in person. ● Consider adding this to your itinerary if you plan a trip to Portugal.