Queen of the Andes: The Puya Raimondii's Century-Long Bloom

27th April, 2024


This giant plant waits decades to bloom in a dazzling display... then its life cycle ends.

Puya Raimondii is native to the high Andes mountains of Bolivia and Peru.

Where Does It Grow?

It can reach an incredible 50 feet tall when in bloom, towering over the landscape.

Truly Giant

Puya Raimondii is in the bromeliad family, related to the pineapple, though much larger!

Pineapple's Cousin

Can live 80-150 years before finally blooming in an explosion of prickly stalks.

A Lifetime of Preparation

After that long life, it produces a branched flower stalk with thousands of small flowers.

Prolific Blooms

Its massive size, infrequent bloom, and remote habitat make it a true botanical queen.

Why "Queen of the Andes"?

Hummingbirds flock to the flowers, and the plant's seeds provide food for other creatures.

Food for Wildlife

After flowering, the Puya Raimondii dies, leaving seeds for the next generation.

Tragic End

Puya Raimondii symbolizes patience, resilience, and the fleeting beauty of nature.