Rattlesnake Hideouts:  6 Unexpected Places They Lurk Around Your Home

 May 16th , 2024


Rattlesnakes are masters of camouflage, and you might be surprised to find out where they can sneak up around your house. Let's explore their favorite hiding spots! 

These offer shade and protection. Be cautious when venturing under these areas, especially if it's overgrown. 

Underneath Decks and Porches

These areas are perfect havens for snakes seeking shelter and hunting rodents. Use caution when entering these areas. 

In Woodpiles and Brush Piles

These often provide cool, dark spaces for snakes to escape the heat. Keep doors closed and seal any cracks or openings. 

Inside Garages and Sheds

 Snakes are drawn to water sources, especially during hot weather. Be vigilant and check before jumping in!

Near Swimming Pools and Water Features

Lush vegetation offers cover for snakes. Mow your lawn regularly and trim back overgrown plants. 

In Tall Grass and Dense Vegetation

Flat rocks and landscaping features make ideal hiding spots. Wear gloves and be cautious when gardening. 

Underneath Rocks and Landscaping Features