Rwanda's Gorillas: Counting on Conservation for a Future

7th April, 2024


Deep in Rwanda's mist-shrouded mountains, conservationists track the last remaining mountain gorillas, a story of hope and resilience.

Gorillas in Peril: Decades ago, mountain gorillas teetered on the brink of extinction. Poaching and habitat loss took their toll. 

A Turnaround Story: Rwanda's dedication to conservation brought gorillas back, numbers slowly rising thanks to strict protection.

Counting Every Gorilla: The arduous task of censusing the gorillas involves trekking through dense rainforest, recording groups and individuals.

The Importance of Data: This census provides crucial information for guiding conservation efforts and understanding gorilla populations.

Challenges Remain: Limited habitat, potential for disease, and ongoing human pressures threaten their fragile existence.

Gorilla Tourism: A Double-Edged Sword: It funds conservation, but close contact with humans carries potential risks for the gorillas.

The future of these majestic apes depends on our continued commitment - can Rwanda's gorillas thrive again?