Science Myths Debunked: 10 "Facts" You Learned as a Kid That Are Wrong

 May 6th , 2024


Remember those science "facts" you learned in school? Some weren't quite true. Get ready to have your mind blown!

The truth is: It's more about mood and temperature! Chameleons change color to signal emotions or regulate their body heat.

1: Chameleons Change Color to Blend In

Truth: No way! They dig shallow holes for their nests, but burying their whole head would be impossible.

2: Ostriches Bury Their Heads in the Sand

Truth: It might leave the nest! Handling chicks can leave your scent, making parents less likely to care for them.

3: You Can Touch a Baby Bird

Truth: Always red! The light scattering effect makes veins look bluish under the skin.

4: Blood is Blue Inside Your Body

Truth: It's not visible to the naked eye. It's long but too narrow. Astronauts have seen it with help.

5: Great Wall of China Visible from Space

Truth: There is no direct link! Kids get excited around treats; it's the situation, not just the sugar.

6: Sugar Makes Kids Hyper

Truth: Your body digests most things. But don't swallow gum; it's not meant to be food!

7: Swallowing Gum Stays in You for 7 Years

Truth: Brain scans show we use all of it! Just at different times for different tasks.

8: We Only Use 10% of Our Brain

Truth: Bulls are colorblind! They charge due to the waving motion of the matador's cape.

9: Bulls Hate the Color Red

Truth: They CAN see! They use echolocation for super-precise hunting in the dark.

10: Bats are Blind