Secret Service Code Names of 9 U.S. Presidents

29th April, 2024


These codenames showcase creativity, symbolism, and the importance of protecting presidents while maintaining a sense of normalcy.

Codename: Landmark (Reference to his leadership and stability)

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Codename: Lancer (Allusion to Arthurian legend and his youthful image)

John F. Kennedy

Codename: Searchlight (A potential ironic choice given Watergate)

Richard Nixon

Codename: Passkey  (A symbolic reference to a new chapter after Nixon)

Gerald Ford

Codename: Deacon (Reflecting his deep religious faith)

Jimmy Carter

Codename: Rawhide (Evoking his Western film persona and toughness)

Ronald Reagan

Codename: Timberwolf (A symbol of strength and leadership)

George H.W. Bush

Codename: Eagle (A symbol of power and the United States)

Bill Clinton

Codename: Renegade (Speculations suggest it referenced his background-breaking presidency.) 

Barack Obama