Texas vs. Arizona Who's the Snake King?

13th April, 2024


Get ready to rumble! These states are venomous snake hotspots, but which one takes the crown?

Venomous Variety: Boasts four kinds of rattlesnakes, plus copperheads, cottonmouths, and coral snakes!

Texas Challenger

Venomous Variety: Home to a whopping 13 rattlesnake species, coral snakes, and others.

Arizona Contender

It's more than just numbers! State size, habitat diversity, and human population density matter.

Factors at Play

Sheer size and diverse habitats give Texas a greater potential range for venomous snakes.

Texas's Edge

Pound for pound, Arizona likely has a higher density of venomous snakes in suitable areas.

Arizona's Ace

It's a close call! Snake encounters depend on where you are within each state.

And the Winner Is...?

BOTH states demand respect! Learn to identify snakes, be aware of the outdoors, and admire from afar.

Bottom Line