16th April, 2024


Two masters of camouflage and intelligence clash underwater! Who comes out on top?

Octopus: 8 flexible arms covered in suckers, beak for a bite. Squishy, can squeeze anywhere. Squid: 8 arms PLUS 2 long feeding tentacles. Also has a beak but a harder internal shell.

Round 1: Body Blows

Octopus: Solitary geniuses! Problem-solving skills, can learn and use tools. Squid: Often hunt in groups, communicate with color changes. Brain shaped like a donut!

Round 2: Brain Power

Both: Inkjets for escape! Masters of color and texture change for camouflage.

Round 3: Defense Tricks

Octopus: Bottom-dwellers, hide in crevices. Some species even walk briefly on land! Squid: Open ocean masters. Some migrate huge distances, others are giants of the deep.

Round 4: Ocean Domination

Tricky! Squid eat smaller Squid, octopus eat Squid... but large Squid can also take down an Octopus.

Round 5: Predator vs. Prey

Sadly, Humans win. Both are heavily fished as food. Overfishing and pollution are risks to their populations.

Round 6: Human Impact

It's a TIE! Both are incredible creatures that showcase the amazing diversity of ocean life.

And the Winner Is...