Signposts from the Past: Ancient Art Meets Dino Tracks in Brazil

27th March, 2024


Imagine prehistoric artists etching messages beside dinosaur footprints! That's exactly what researchers found in Brazil. 

The Serrote do Letreiro site in Paraíba, Brazil, boasts dinosaur tracks alongside mysterious carvings made by ancient South Americans.

These petroglyphs, or rock carvings, consist mainly of circular shapes and some resembling dinosaur prints.

Did these early people recognize the dinosaur tracks for what they were, or did they see something else entirely?

The age difference is vast – the dinosaur tracks are tens of millions of years old, while the carvings are likely thousands.

This discovery shows how ancient people interacted with their environment and interpreted the world.

Scientists are now studying the carvings to learn more about the artists and their intentions.

This exciting find blurs the lines between paleontology and archaeology, offering a glimpse into a fascinating past.