The Most Snake-Infested Lakes in Arizona

12th April, 2024


If you find scales fascinating (or terrifying), these Arizona lakes teem with serpentine activity.

Lots of water snakes (harmless, but startling!), also home to several rattlesnake species.

1: Lake Pleasant

A mix of water and land-dwelling snakes call this reservoir home. Watch your step!

2: Roosevelt Lake

Varied habitats mean diverse snakes. Beware of rattlesnakes near rocky areas.

3: Bartlett Lake

Along with fish, snakes love these waters! Both aquatic and land-based species are present.

4: Saguaro Lake

Rocky shorelines offer shelter for snakes. Rattlesnakes are a particular concern.

5: Canyon Lake

Being informed is key! Snakes are vital to ecosystems. Admire from a distance, and be observant around lake shores.