Snake Snacks:  10 Animals That Eat snake

 May 22nd , 2024

Team LTG

Snakes may be apex predators in their own right, but they're not invincible. Meet 10 animals who aren't afraid to make a meal of these slithery serpents. 

These fearless weasels have thick skin and resistance to venom, making snakes just another menu item. 

Honey Badger

These agile mammals are famous for their lightning-fast reflexes, which help them dodge venomous strikes and deliver a fatal bite. 


Talk about cannibalism! These venomous snakes regularly feast on other snake species, including their own kind. 

King Cobra

This long-legged bird stomps on snakes with powerful kicks, crushing them before swallowing them whole. 

Secretary Bird

Don't be fooled by their cuteness! Their prickly spines offer protection, and they aren't shy about taking on snakes. 


These non-venomous constrictors have a taste for venomous snakes, even rattlesnakes!


These stealthy felines are expert hunters, and their powerful claws make quick work of serpents. 


They may play dead, but opossums have a secret weapon – immunity to certain snake venoms! 


Equipped with sharp talons and keen eyesight, these birds of prey snatch snakes from the ground or trees. 

Snake Eagles

These tough mammals are opportunistic hunters, and snakes are a potential snack when the opportunity arises.