Soaring High: Discover the Crazy Variety of Bird Species!

4th April, 2024


Sparrows, robins, crows – those backyard buddies are just the beginning!

Perching Birds

Hawks, eagles, owls – masters of the sky, with sharp talons and keen eyesight.

Birds of Prey

Ducks, geese, swans – they love lakes, rivers, and oceans.


Gulls, albatrosses, penguins – built for life at sea, from graceful fliers to expert divers.


Macaws, cockatoos, budgies – known for their bright colors, mimicking ability, and intelligence.


Ostriches, emus, kiwis – these birds trade wings for running power!

Flightless Birds

Herons, egrets, flamingos – those long legs are perfect for stalking through shallows.

Wading Birds

The tiniest birds with dazzling colors, capable of hovering flight and drinking nectar.


Known for striking colors, large beaks, and lightning-fast dives to catch fish.


Warblers, thrushes, nightingales – they fill the world with beautiful melodies.


Over 10,000 bird species exist! Each adapted to specific habitats and lifestyles – the avian world is endlessly fascinating!