Spanning America: 8 Must-See Bridges of the USA

11th April, 2024


From historic marvels to modern feats of engineering, let's cross the country on these legendary bridges.

Steel cable suspension icon, opened in 1883, offers a scenic walk across the East River.

1: Brooklyn Bridge (New York City)

Art Deco masterpiece, that iconic red against the bay, known worldwide.

2: Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco)

Mighty 'Big Mac' connects Michigan's peninsulas, one of the world's longest suspension bridges.

3: Mackinac Bridge (Michigan)

Arches elegantly over the Pacific Coast Highway, postcard-perfect California scenery.

4: Bixby Creek Bridge (California)

A stunning Overseas Highway segment feels like driving over water.

5: Seven Mile Bridge (Florida Keys)

Twin arches over the Colorado River, offering Grand Canyon views. 

6: Navajo Bridge (Arizona)

Modern design, car-free, with transit, bikes, and pedestrians. Iconic cables are illuminated.

7: Tilikum Crossing (Portland)