Spotted Lanternfly Invasion! Americans Urged to Fight Back

27th March, 2024


A beautiful but destructive insect spreads across the US, and officials are sounding the alarm.

The spotted lanternfly, native to Asia, now plagues over 20 states, posing a serious threat.

They feast on trees and crops, causing millions of dollars in damage to vital industries.

The fight is on! Anyone spotting their egg masses is urged to "smash and scrape" them.

Egg masses look like grayish mud smears, often found on trees, cars, or outdoor items.

Don't move them! Destroy egg masses in a sealed bag. This prevents the spread of these pests.

Concerned citizens are crucial! Together, we can slow down this invasion and protect our environment.

Your garden, trees, community – report spotted lanternfly sightings and destroy those eggs!