Squirrels:  Way Cooler Than You Thought! 10 Facts to Surprise You

15th March, 2024


Squirrels can jump 10 times their body length! That's like a human leaping across half a football field.

Superhero Leapers

Ankle Twisters

Squirrels can rotate their ankles 180 degrees for expert headfirst climbing down trees. Try doing that!

Super Chompers

A squirrel's front teeth never stop growing! All that chewing keeps them in check.

Fake-out Masters

Squirrels sometimes pretend to bury nuts to trick thieves watching them. Sneaky!

They're Not All the Same!

With over 200 species worldwide, squirrels come in all shapes and sizes.

Tails with Talents

A squirrel's tail isn't just for looks. It helps them balance, stay warm, and even send signals to other squirrels!

Super Sniffers

Squirrels have an amazing sense of smell. They can find their hidden food stashes even under a foot of snow. 

Prairie Dog Talk

Prairie dogs, a type of ground squirrel, have a complex language of chirps and barks to communicate danger and other information.

Big Hearts, Tiny Babies

Some squirrels will 'adopt' orphaned baby squirrels, taking care of them as their own. 

Forest Helpers

Forgetful squirrels are heroes of the forest! They bury nuts and seeds but don't always find them, allowing new trees to grow.


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