Step Back in Time: Exploring the World's Oldest Fossilized Forest

 May 22nd, 2024

Team LTG

Unearth the secrets of a petrified forest frozen in time, millions of years older than the dinosaurs! 

This remarkable fossil forest dates back 385 million years, a snapshot of Earth's ancient past. 

A Glimpse into the Devonian

This paleontological treasure trove was accidentally uncovered beneath a quarry in Cairo, New York. 


Not your average pines! This ancient forest contained primitive tree-like plants called cladoxylopsids.

Tree Types

Fossilized roots reveal complex underground networks, giving insight into early plant ecosystems.

Preserved Roots

This forest existed before the evolution of modern trees with wood and leaves as we know them. 

A World Before Trees

Studying this site helps us understand how plants evolved and adapted to life on land. 

Scientific Significance

The fossilized forest of Cairo offers a unique glimpse into a time when Earth was a very different place.

A Window to the Past