Subterranean Wonders: 8 Must-See Underground Places on Earth

 May 19th , 2024

Team LTG

Descend into the depths! Discover these amazing underground destinations that offer a fascinating glimpse into hidden worlds.

Journey through a mesmerizing labyrinth of salt-carved chambers, chapels, and statues. 

Wieliczka Salt Mine (Poland)

Explore this ancient subterranean city, complete with homes, churches, and even a wine cellar. 

Derinkuyu Underground City (Turkey)

Miles of tunnels lined with the bones of millions, a hauntingly beautiful and historical site. 

Catacombs of Paris (France)

Cruise through a grotto illuminated by thousands of twinkling glowworms.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves (New Zealand)

Explore one of the longest cave systems in the US, featuring massive underground waterfalls and impressive formations. 

Cumberland Caverns (USA)

Hop on a train to explore this vast cave system, home to the endemic Olm, a blind cave salamander. 

Postojna Cave (Slovenia)

The underwater world is filled with fascinating creatures. Learn more about the diverse and amazing sharks that call our oceans home!

Edinburgh Vaults (Scotland)