Raging Flames: The 6 Deadliest Wildfires in American History

6th April, 2024


Get ready to learn about the infernos that forever scar America's landscape and history.

Location: Wisconsin Tragedy: Estimated 1,200 – 2,500 lives lost, the deadliest wildfire in US history.

1: Peshtigo Fire (1871)

Location: Idaho, Montana, Washington Tragedy: Burned 3 million acres, killed 87 (mostly firefighters).

2: Great Fire of 1910

Location: Minnesota Tragedy: Destroyed the town of Cloquet and killed at least 450 people.

3: Cloquet Fire (1918)

Location: California Tragedy: Deadliest and most destructive in CA history. Killed 85, devastated Paradise town.

4: Camp Fire (2018)

Location: Minnesota Tragedy: Destroyed several towns and killed at least 418 people.

5: Great Hinckley Fire (1894)

Location: Michigan Tragedy: Burned over a million acres and killed at least 282 people.

6: Thumb Fire (1881)

Wildfires are a force of nature, reminding us of their destructive power and the importance of prevention.