The Dead Sea: Where Physics Gets Weird

16th April, 2024


Why? Extreme salt content makes the water super dense, causing people to float effortlessly.

1: You Can't Sink!

It's a giant salt lake! Fed by the Jordan River, but landlocked with no outlet.

2: It's Not Really a Sea

How Low? The shore is about 1,412 feet below sea level – the lowest point on dry land!

3: Lowest Point on Earth

Salty Truth: Almost 10x saltier than the ocean! Very few organisms can survive, hence the name.

4: A Harsh Environment

Tradition: The mineral-rich mud is believed to have healing properties for skin conditions.

5: Muddy Miracle?

Shrinking! Sadly, the water level is dropping rapidly due to diversion and evaporation.

6: A Disappearing Act

Scrolls & Salt: Famous for the Dead Sea Scrolls, and even mentioned in the Bible!

7: Ancient History

Float, mud mask, and marvel at this unique place, but respect its fragile environment.

8: Experience It If You Can!