The Most Invasive Species in North America

20th March, 2024


North America faces a threat from invaders! These non-native species disrupt ecosystems and cause billions in damage.

Unwanted Guests

Brown Rat: The Notorious Rodent

The brown rat, introduced from Asia, thrives in human environments. They spread diseases and contaminate food sources

Emerald Ash Borer: Ash Tree Annihilator

This beetle, native to Asia, has devastated North American ash trees.  They kill trees by feeding on their inner bark.

English Ivey: The Creeping Canopy

This fast-growing East Asian vine blankets forests, smothering native plants and disrupting ecosystems.

Zebra Mussel: Freshwater Fouler

Zebra mussels from Eurasia clog waterways and disrupt food chains.  They attach themselves to hard surfaces in freshwater.

Spotted Lanternfly: Lycorma delicately


Canadian Super Pig

Protecting Our Home

By working together, we can slow the spread of invasive species and protect North America's precious ecosystems.