The Science of Lightning

17th April, 2024


A giant spark of electricity in the atmosphere! It happens when charges in clouds get out of balance.

What is lightning?

Ice particles bump inside storm clouds, creating positive (+) and negative (-) regions.

Charge Build-Up

Negative charges at the cloud base seek positive charges on the ground or within the clouds, creating sparks.

Opposites Attract

The air acts like an insulator until the charge is too strong – then a jagged "leader" forms.

Path of Least Resistance

The leader connects, allowing a massive electric current to flow. This heats the air rapidly!

That Bright Flash:

Thunder!: The superheated air expands explosively, creating a sound wave we hear as thunder.

Boom! What's That Sound?

Lightning is super hot (more than the sun's surface!) and helps balance Earth's charges.

It's Not Just Pretty

Lightning is powerful and dangerous. When thunder roars, go indoors – respect nature's force!

Stay Safe!