The Sleepless Elite: 10 Animals That Never Sleep 

 May 19th , 2024

Team LTG

Most animals need their shut-eye, but these 10 creatures have unique sleep patterns – or even skip sleep entirely! 

These amphibians don't experience a typical sleep cycle. Instead, they enter a state of rest to conserve energy. 


 These long-necked giants survive on power naps! They sleep for only a few minutes at a time, totaling about 30 minutes per day. 


 Sleep with one half of their brain at a time, which allows them to remain alert and surface for air. 


 These birds are the ultimate multitaskers, sleeping during flight! They can stay airborne for months at a time. 

Alpine Swifts

These massive marine mammals can stay awake for days, especially during mating season. 


Like walruses, elephants go for extended periods without sleep, particularly when migrating. 


Deer sleeps for short periods, staying vigilant against predators. Their sleep patterns vary with the season.


Some sharks need to keep moving to breathe, so they never truly enter a deep sleep. 


Horses often sleep standing up, taking short naps daily and at night. 


These busy insects take frequent, short power naps, accumulating about 4 hours of rest daily.