The Sun's Fiery Secret: Burning Without Oxygen

17th March, 2024


Burning requires three things: fuel, heat, and oxygen. Oxygen combines with fuel, releasing energy. The sun doesn't burn like a campfire.

Not Your Typical Fire

Nuclear Fusion: The Sun's Power Source

● Nuclear fusion is the process that powers the sun. ● Extreme pressure and heat in the sun's core force hydrogen atoms to fuse. ● This fusion creates a heavier element, helium, and releases enormous energy.

A Self-Sustaining Powerhouse

● Energy from fusion radiates outwards from the sun's core. ● This energy keeps the core hot and under pressure. ● It maintains the conditions for ongoing nuclear fusion.

Hydrogen: The Star's Fuel

● Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. ● The sun is mainly made of hydrogen. ● This provides a massive fuel source for fusion.

Gravity: Holding the Star Together

● The sun's immense gravity pulls inward. ● This creates the pressure needed for fusion in the sun's core

Light and Heat Across Space

● Energy from fusion travels as light and heat. ● It takes about 8 minutes for sunlight to reach Earth. ● This energy is essential for life on our planet.

Our Star's Long Life

● The sun has enough hydrogen for billions more years of fusion. ● Eventually, it will change and expand. ● But that's a story for another day!

Beyond Earthly Fire

● The sun is just one of billions of stars. ● Nuclear fusion powers stars throughout the universe.

The Wonders of Science

● Understanding nuclear fusion reveals the secrets of the sun. ● Science helps us understand the universe around us.