The Top 6 Threats to Earth's Precious Biodiversity

17th March, 2024


The Problem: Rainforests are cut down, grasslands are turned into farms, and wetlands are drained. This destruction robs creatures of their homes. Why it matters: Each habitat is a unique world, and when we lose one, we lose the species specially adapted to it. 

Habitat Loss & Destruction

Invasive Species

The Problem: When a plant or animal is introduced to a new area, it can run wild, outcompeting and harming native species. Why it matters: Islands ecosystems are particularly vulnerable. Think rabbits introduced to Australia or the brown tree snake in Guam that wiped out many native birds. 


The Problem: Overhunting, overfishing, and unsustainable harvesting push animals and plants beyond their ability to recover. Why it matters: Rhinos are poached for horns, and exotic fish are taken for aquariums... these acts can remove species faster than they can reproduce. 


The Problem: Chemicals in waterways, plastic in the ocean, air pollution... all harm wildlife in countless ways. Why it matters: Pollution disrupts entire ecosystems, from declining frog populations to whales entangled in plastic. 

Climate Change

The Problem: Shifting temperatures, changing weather patterns, and rising sea levels disrupt delicate natural systems. Why it matters: Polar bears are losing ice, coral reefs are bleaching, and many species can't adapt fast enough. 

Human Population Growth & Consumption

The Problem: The more people there are, the more resources we need, and the more waste we produce. This puts enormous pressure on biodiversity. Why it matters: Finding a balance between human needs and those of other species is vital for the planet's future.