The Wolf of the Blue Sea:

Incredible Facts About the Atlantic Wolffish

3rd March, 2024


● Their powerful jaws and wolf-like teeth are made for crushing hard-shelled snacks (crabs, urchins, snails – ouch!). ● While not aggressive towards humans, they've got a mean bite if provoked.

It's All in the Name 

Not Your Typical Swimmer

● Their long, eel-like bodies make them surprisingly sluggish swimmers. ● They mostly hang out near the ocean floor, camouflaged amongst rocks and seaweed.

Staying Chill in the Deep

● As cold-water dwellers, wolffish have a natural "antifreeze" in their blood to keep things flowing in frigid temps. This lets them thrive in the deep, chilly North Atlantic.

Homebodies of the Sea

● They're surprisingly home-loving, settling down in dens on the ocean floor. ● Both males and females fiercely guard and care for their eggs.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

● Let's be honest: they won't win beauty pageants, but their distinct look is strangely captivating. ● Their colors vary (blue, green, even purplish!), offering fantastic camouflage.