These Animals Will Outlive You!

10 Creatures with Crazy Long Lifespans

2nd March, 2024


● Lifespan: 500+ year ●  The longest-lived non-colonial animal known (one specimen was 507 years old). ●  Their slow metabolism and low predator pressure contribute to their longevity.

Ocean Quahog Clam

Greenland Shark

● Lifespan: 272-500+ year ● The longest-lived vertebrate animal. ● They inhabit cold, deep waters and mature extremely slowly.

Bowhead Whale

● Lifespan: Up to 200+ year ●  Arctic dwellers with adaptations to their frigid environment. ●  Some have been found with remnants of old whaling weapons, suggesting incredible longevity.

Rougheye Rockfish

● Lifespan: 200+ year ● Slow-growing, deepwater fish found in the Pacific Ocean.

Giant Tortoise

● Lifespan: 100+ years (some individuals far longer) ●  Iconic for their slow pace and extended lifespans. ●  A famous Galapagos tortoise named Harriet lived to an estimated 175 years old.

Koi Fish

● Lifespan: Can exceed 100 years, sometimes 200+ ●  Ornamental carp have the potential for long life under the right conditions. ●  'Hanako,' a famous koi in Japan, reportedly lived to be 226.


● Lifespan: 60-80 years in the wild, can exceed 100 in captivity ● Large, colorful parrots with lifespans comparable to humans.


● Lifespan: 100+ year ● Reptile endemic to New Zealand, resembling a lizard but from a unique lineage. ●  Prolonged metabolism contributes to their long lifespan.

Red Sea Urchins

● Lifespan: Up to 200 year ● Found in the Pacific Ocean, they can remain reproductively active for decades.