Top 10 Best Museums In Washington DC

17th April, 2024


Rockets, planes, the Spirit of St. Louis! Dream big with aviation history.

1: Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Dinosaurs, Hope Diamond, and more. Science lovers will get lost for days!

2: Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Powerful and sobering. A museum for remembrance and learning from the past.

4: US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Gadgets, secrets, and the world of espionage. Great for kids and adults alike.

5: International Spy Museum

Moving and important. Explores the African American experience across centuries.

6: National Museum of African American History and Culture

Modern and impressionist art, a gem with a personal feel, less crowded than the giants.

7: The Phillips Collection

Displays the long postal history of the US and other countries and exhibits the largest collection of stamps.

8: Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum

Face-to-face with famous figures. Presidents, artists, and more immortalized in art.

9: National Portrait Gallery

Beautiful mansion, gardens, AND Byzantine and Pre-Columbian art collections!

10: Dumbarton Oaks

Bonus: Most Smithsonian museums are FREE! DC is a museum enthusiast's paradise.