Top 10 Countries That Owe The U.S. Money

13th April, 2024


This wealthy European nation holds a surprising amount of U.S. debt.

10 - Switzerland

Ireland's holdings of U.S. debt are significant for its economy.

9 - Ireland

One of South America's economic powerhouses holds substantial U.S. debt.

8 - Brazil

This Caribbean financial hub is a major investor in U.S. debt.

7 - Cayman Islands

A core European Union member holds considerable U.S. debt.

6 - Belgium

This small but wealthy European state is a significant U.S. debt holder.

5 - Luxembourg

India's growing economy increases its holdings of U.S. debt.

4 India

The U.S. and U.K.'s close ties extend to many U.S. debt holdings.

3 - United Kingdom

A major economic player, China holds vast U.S. debt.

2 - China

Despite recent reductions, Japan remains the top holder of U.S. debt globally.

1 - Japan

A brief explanation of reasons for U.S. borrowing.

 Why the U.S. Borrows