Vanishing Treasures: Top 10 Endangered Species in California

 May 29th, 2024

Team LTG

California's rich biodiversity is under threat. Discover 10 animals and plants facing a critical fight for survival.

Status: Critically Endangered Threats: Lead poisoning, habitat loss, and human disturbance. 

California Condor

Status: Critically Endangered Threats: Water pollution, habitat alteration, and climate change. 

Delta Smelt

Status: Endangered Threats: Introduced predators (golden eagles) and disease. 

Island Fox

Status: Endangered Threats: Habitat loss due to agriculture and development. 

Giant Kangaroo Rat

Status: Endangered Threat: Limited range, habitat loss, climate change 

Desert Slender Salamander

Status: Endangered Threat: Invasive species, habitat loss 

Antioch Dunes Evening Primrose

Status: Endangered Threat: Invasive plants, grazing, fire 

San Clemente Island Woodland Star

Status: Endangered Threat: Habitat loss due to development 

Ventura Marsh Milk-vetch

Status: Endangered Threat: Drought, poaching, invasive species 

Santa Cruz Island Dudleya

Status: Endangered Threat: Invasive species, grazing 

San Clemente Island Broom