Top 10 Fastest Dogs in the World in 2024

13th April, 2024


These sleek dogs are known for their speed and hunting prowess.

10 Weimaraner

A smaller cousin of the Greyhound, Whippets are lightning-fast sprinters

9 Whippet

This elegant breed's long legs and aerodynamic build make it a speedster.

8 Borzoi

Famous for firehouse mascots, Dalmatians are also incredibly fast runners.

7 Dalmatian

Don't underestimate this little guy! Jack Russells are packed with energy and speed.

6 Jack Russell Terrier

These lean hounds were bred to chase prey with incredible bursts of speed.

5 Ibizan Hound

A versatile hunting dog, Vizsla combines speed and agility.

4 Vizsla

Their long, flowing hair might look fancy, but Afghan Hounds are seriously fast.

3 Afghan Hound

Bred for desert hunting, Salukis have incredible endurance and speed.

2 Saluki

The undisputed champion! Greyhounds are the ultimate racing dog, built for pure speed.

1 Greyhound